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Great Sleep Gummies

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A great-tasting way to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy. Perfect for beating the Sunday scaries, fighting jet lag, or helping you get the sleep of your dreams. Certificate of Analysis for Carolina Gummies


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Carolina Gummies Promote Better Sleep?

Great Sleep Gummies are infused with a powerful combination of CBN, CBD, and Resveratrol. These ingredients work together to promote relaxation, support your body's natural sleep cycle, and provide a restful night's sleep.

How Many Gummies Should I Take Per Serving?
One gummy should be enough for most people so start with that. If you think you need two you can increase to that.
Can I Take Great Sleep Gummies If I Have Dietary Restrictions?

Always consult your physician if you have specific medical conditions or dietary restrictions for advice on your unique situation. 

Are Carolina Gummies Safe To Use?
Please never take Carolina Gummies if you are doing anything that would require you to be awake and alert like driving a car, operating machinery, or any similar activity. If you have questions, please consult your physician.
How Does CBD Work?

Your body has a special system called the endocannabinoid system, which is like a smart network that runs throughout your body, just like a network in a house. This system has locks called receptors, and they are found in different parts of your body, like your brain and immune system. The keys to these locks are called cannabinoids.

When the right key (cannabinoid) fits into the lock (receptor), it unlocks a specific function in your body, like your mood or appetite. This helps keep everything in balance, just like a well-functioning house.

Sometimes, your body might not have enough keys (cannabinoids), or the locks (receptors) might not work properly. This can cause imbalances or difficulties in experiencing the benefits of these functions.

In such cases, external keys called cannabinoids can be used. These external cannabinoids can fit into the locks (receptors) of the endocannabinoid system, just like the natural cannabinoids. This helps restore balance and proper functioning.

So, the endocannabinoid system is like a smart network in your body, with locks (receptors) and keys (cannabinoids). When the right key fits into the lock, it unlocks specific functions in your body. If there are imbalances, external cannabinoids can be used to restore balance and unlock the full potential of the endocannabinoid system.

I’ve heard of CBD, but what is CBN?

By now most people I’ve heard of the amazing benefits of CBD for promoting relaxation and pain relief. CBN also comes from the Hemp plant and like CBD is non-psychoactive, except it works a little differently, to promote restfulness and sleep.